Granite Seams

Hello, We are going to talk about seams in Granite when the Granite has movement in it. The first picture is of a slab of Fantasy Brown Granite notice all the movement in the slab, that is what most people want. Now you have to be aware of the design of your kitchen. Meaning a straight galley style kitchen this material does not present a problem. BUT if you have a “L-shaped” or a “U-Shaped” kitchen this type of movement may pose a problem for you. Just like in the second picture of a installed Fantasy Brown kitchen. That kitchen was”L-shaped” and the dimensions were 115″ by 124″. So the customers decided to only have one seam. So that left us with the grains of the Granite crossing. Now they chose this option, you may want an extra seam or may want to buy another slab. You can avoid SOME of this with extra seams and extra slabs. That all will cost you more money in the long run. And you will not always get the desired look you want. In a “U-shaped” kitchen you can usually get one seam that the grains match better that the other seam. There are a lot of factors to where your seams can go. Cooktops, diswashers, sinks and other appliances can dictate where your seams may go, so please understand this. The size of the granite slabs, the size of your kitchen all play a factor in your kitchen. We are only trying to get you to informed, not the HGTV informed but the actual and practical informed. Please understand every Granite color and fabricator is different, just be informed and know what you are getting and why. Know the Granite you are getting and how that will work in your kitchen. Thanks VBM&G

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