Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops is a very strong and non-porous material, meeting the qualifications by the NSF to be completely maintenance free product.

Quartz countertops are growing in popularity right now, largely due to them being a non-porous material. So that is why most homeowners are using this product in their kitchens and or bathrooms just for the ease of cleaning. Quartz countertops are about 2-1/2 times stronger than most Granite countertops; this all depends on the Granite color. Now there are several Quartz manufactures out in the market place now. In my opinion the ones using “Breton” technology are better than the ones who are not. Basically “Breton” owns the patent to manufacture Quartz products they build the facility and the manufacturer gets to pick the colors to produce. So despite all the advertisements most of the Quartz stateside is exactly the same. The only really difference is the colors and how the produce them. There seems to be only a couple of downsides to Quartz countertops. One is the price due to the resin content and how it is made; the price can get expensive quick. Most of the time Quartz is about double the amount per square foot as Granite. Now this all depends on the color of the Granite and the Quartz manufacture. Because some of the Quartz manufactures will put different colors on sale and this means you can save some money if the color works for you. The last issue is Quartz can burn if you put something to hot down on it. This is usually under extreme conditions but I have seen it twice in the past 12 years. In both cases it was due to gross neglect, the resin that makes Quartz non-porous is what can burn not the Natural Quartz itself.