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Granite and Tile Backsplash

Tile BacksplashAdding a tile backsplash to your new Granite can drastically improve the look of your kitchen. You can get super creative with designs or accent strips. The options are endless and only limited to your imagination. The only hard question is Granite backsplash with tile on top or put the tile down to the Granite Countertops.

I have provided pictures of homes we have done in the last few weeks. One has a Granite backsplash and the other does not. The choice is yours but I like to save money, so I opt for the no Granite backsplash. If you think about it, if you put a 4”Granite backsplash with the tile on top you will pay for the backsplash twice. Due to the average tile comes in 12” by 12” mesh backed sheets and you have to buy them by the box. Tile is usually cheaper than Granite so if you run the tile on top of the Granite countertops you usually save money. The money you save from not buying a 4”Granite backsplash usually pays for the tile.

There is no right or wrong answer. You should get what you want and what you like, since it is your kitchen.

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Granite Countertops

Do you need Granite Countertops to sell your house?

Granite Countertops We get asked this weekly…  The answer is yes and no! With the pricing of Granite being at such a low price, it has made it affordable for every home. It has also made it an expected item for almost every home.  There are other factors that influence a home being sold, but having Granite Countertops is a great selling point. If you do not have Granite Countertops in your kitchen and are planning to sell, now is the time to upgrade your kitchen! Your realtor will also likely inform you that upgrading your kitchen countertops to granite countertops is a necessity to sell your house. One scenario that we have come across is a job going on right now, in a very nice neighborhood in which the homeowners are interested in putting their home on the market, but their agent told them they had to upgrade their kitchen to Granite in order to sell. We offered them our promotional colors and recommended a neutral color so the potential buyers will feel comfortable. It is important to not pick colors that are too bold because the potential buyer will have to love it and that is not always the case.

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